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own opinion on these points, in reference to our country's pres-

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sedative and antiseptic liquids maybe thus eniploytd, instead of the syringe as an implement, or a speculum,"

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and assistants to work in them — men placed above the worries

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displacement of a kidney and the formation of a meso-nephron

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groups, especially in the white matter. The myelin of the fibres soon

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also keep head checked up. As the disease progresses the pustules in the

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schools of New York City are suffering from trachoma.

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morbid change in respiration at this apex we attach a

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elasticity of the canal being gone ; in other words, dilatation will not effect a

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ing at least for myself. I have often tried to do too much. Ideal sur-

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closer study of the intra-abdominal conditions found

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cipitation. This new body differs materially in elementary consti-

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to save the federal government tens of millions of dollars in

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gers as a general rule, because a bilgy odor pervades the

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patient removed the dislocated bone. The patient was a man

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literating body may exert an equally special action on the lung : this

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pleura?, presenting highly refractive, glass-like patches of varying size.

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tary was directed to make the necessary preparations.

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derstand the affairs ot the University as well as the Regents, whose sole

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patient in one part of the city, and an impatient and neglected

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from 1935 to 1938, has in recent years been director of

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the sponge. Absorbing water, it will soon swell, and give you a pow-

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personal attention to his live stock breeding interests.

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I made a careful examination of the abdomen, and found the

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nual Address, and Dr. J. Braxton Ilicks was chosen his successor.

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normal by the use of the remedy. In brief, his hypo-

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sound of footsteps near his bed was enough to cause a spasm.

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attorney or both. In expanding the availability of such an

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was furnished by a patient suffering from very severe typhoid, who

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tation of the heart, in which he would seem to have

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effectual if taken nightly for some time to tone up the intestine, always in

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them with some inert substance, and sells it as a secret

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three months, and was considered a magnificent specimen of physical

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Roentgenological Aspects — Walter H. Ude, Minneapolis

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To a child five years old, a teaspoonful every four

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cent by weight. The chief wines in this class are Port, Sherry, Madeira,

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there may be extension and a local peritonitis set up without any perforation

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condition of the system at the time of the retention. This

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difficulty. That this is not merely one aspect of the general decay of all

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a little emetic tartar, will feldom fail, if feafonably

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after exposure to cold, the cough was increased and the expectoration