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ficial stratum are occasionally found the coiled mucous glands which
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Dr. Sands referred to a case of mitral direct murmur,
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•ent from Chaumont to Mars in order to provide additional space near the front for battle casualties
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The diagnosis is not usually difficult when we consider the
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The small bone ia front of the stifle is sometimes fract-
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be given by the IVofessor of Military Science and Tactics
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to. If we are not mistaken too, there is a prevailing
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chimerieaL The only scheme that suggests itself as prac-
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per cent solution of the former, to be repeated every quarter or half-hour
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" Latin Graipmar " forms the subject of Chapter II.
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treatment of diphtheritic paralysis beyond remarking that the super-
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Cheltenham Salts. Glauber's salt, 1 oz., Epsom salt, f
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also disappeared. This was a curious fact. The tumor
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Differences of Religious Belief ; Evil in the World ; Life on the Earth,
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removed with no further hleeding. Recovery was uneventful.
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white; indeed, in so far as these' observations go, the gray matter and
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found in the treatises of Kiichenmeister and Davaine.
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lection and disposal. From November 1917 to June 30, 1918 , there
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Dr JFilliavi Biissell considered that no objection could be taken
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€ase of Ozena cured by the use of Chloride of Lime. By W. E. Hors-er, M. D.
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People who live in crowded dwellings, or spend a great
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loch, J. Elder, B. A., W. W. White, B. A., W. J. McCuaig, W. C. Crockett,
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PARTURITION, with Practical Remarks on the Management of Labours.
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backs which are serious in proportion as that training
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human urine, capable of being confounded with glucose,
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see, or occupier of the land in writing to destroy them, and if the (veeds
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preparing and using the vegetable medicine secured to
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female body the kidney was found to be developed on one side
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nent appears : und that such appearance follows the necessity, is
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But the lack of systemic toxicity and the patient's
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happiness of which the splendors of the most magnificient palace are not to be com-
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the demonstrative. It is vain to oppose the progressive
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water; whilst the weather, which was excessively hot in July and Au-
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serum is the only official serum as yet. 1 As regards tetanus antitoxin the
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affects the respiratory tract, and the lungs should be examined with especial