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reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department,
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most cases, such measures will yield more or less benefit,
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developed morbid poison. When our army-surgeons, however,
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it was nearly if not quite normal. Death occurred very suddenly on
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part of its two branches. A second block of the auricular and
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from hip-joint disease or rheumatism of the hip or knee ; from disease or injury
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but on inspection was found to consist of pulverised bone, which a portion
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they said all right, try it ; he cannot get well with our treat-
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dietetic indiscretion causes a slight discomfort, and in some cases
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atropia upon this form of pain. Several cases of intense neuralgia from wounds
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dash of nux vomica and the liquid extract of cascara !
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appearance of pulmonary murmurs, when the breath is held after a full
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mach has become very irritable, and remains so in spite of all
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March 19th, 1895. Operation. — Liver small, barely reaches