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protein C, a protease that is activated by thrombin and abet-

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The Indiana Medical Foundation, Inc. was formed by the Indiana State

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When the bacilli have thoroughly " worked a gland," if I may use the

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We have not now as did those who lived in the time of our

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Wounds of the scapula and clavicle are included by Stromeyer under the

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Assistant Attending Physician, Hospital for Special

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the good drainage afforded by the suprapubic opening (Pousson).

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which the peripheral resistance is not raised, which

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amount of solids were increased in exactly the same degree, showing

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which the articular lesion merely represents an element of a

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application of cold water, either in form of fomentation or douche. Then

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are respectively exposed, will go far to account for this ; whilst it

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water and some butter and mix with the chicken puree.

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The bladder worms mainly found in the peritoneal cavity

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exhaustion of the heart, 157 ; control of already ex-

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mentioned in 24. The external rectus was paralysed on the side of

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in the liquid, and crowded it back to the throat, which

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called conservative methods, and the contrast in the matter of

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II. It is unnecessary to speak at length of the general and moral

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The question naturally arises as to the relative importance of each

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preternatural coat or membrane " covering the air passages of the children who

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Ireland, Dr. Dawson {Medical Press, Dec. 25, 1901) read a paper

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the phrenicotomy. This may have been precipitated by apprehen-

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describes the swelling of the large white kidney as the product

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and (2) what becomes of the fragments into which the fatty-acid molecule

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and Vieille ; (3) " Ocular Putrefaction as a Means to

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