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of success;" for it is often impossible to obtain that some
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disease. But we know that Arsenic does not stop all fermen-
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of tuberculosis, but that there are a large number of cases cured
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There was general oedema, which had existed for a month,
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are valuable aids to the system in early life as well as later. Let a
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hurtful, by checking the process instituted by the system for its
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disappeared. The soft palate had been destroyed by disease now
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caused by the longer lived Streptococcus pyogenes and why a single aspira-
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to investigate cases of disease in a rational manner, and to ascertain the
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of his stall and not with his head under the bail in his
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rectum, vagina, etc. Dr. Ransohoff appends the following
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are the glandular system, the liver being the main one
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to prevention of conception, however, he wishes it distinctly understood
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animals. It is looked upon as due to faulty nutrition of the system.
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the suffering was less severe than in cases in which each pain
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has ultimately employed is, first, in the morning and at mid-day,
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vix — of the inverted uterus through the abdominal
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also lends itself to the treatment of abrasions, burns, parasitic and
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able and harmless feelings, promotes Health; and whatever
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poisoning of the blood from the presence in it of disintegrated
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chiefly for sciatica and the later stages of rheumatic fever with marked
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ant and congenial. If improvement occurs, mental exer-
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suspensory, but as they do not enter into the construction
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are, however, several features in the diseased pleuro-pneumonic lung
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themselves "reformers," hut what do I care — I have them already.
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me that there are occasional and rare cases of phthisis which
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that a knowledge of the structure and uses of the human system is
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equivocally the continued intention of the Government to proceed,
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success, but received its first extensive application in the Boer War (in which it probably did
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typhoid fever, some of which were of exceptional severity, one case only
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Two Cases of Poisoning from Small Amounts of Atropine.