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tions were not very easy to define. Knowing, as I did, all the

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June 25-26 — Osteoporosis. Seattle. Fri-Sat. Contact: U/W.

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the urethra. After exposing the prostate from the perineum by

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cases. The large intestine, throughout its entire extent, presented

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A second period--* period of deformity — is characterised by the

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violent paroxysms of coughing. During the paroxysms he sat bolt upright,

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sits up his pulse becomes quicker and less full ; in the second week

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of oxygen. Now, suppose there are ten horses occupying the sta-

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Sir Kenelm Digby — Mathematical sect — Borelli, Bellini,

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both veins and capillaries. If the auricle of a rabbit be ligated

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else that we know, and that it reveals itself by causing

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Dr. Norman Walker. — I agree with Dr. Logan Turner in this matter.

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In our review of the first vohune we stated that it was by far

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along an axis parallel to such a line, and 1 shall show how such mechani-

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time, this mode of using narcotics has grown into common nse, bat even yet it

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bone, across where it joins the cheek-bone; and, lastly, at its nasal process,

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Network') in an advanced stage. The yellow spots are mostly faint and the sur-

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barracks our living bodies are little other than battle-

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a musty, or sour, cheese -like odor, possesses an aromatic and fruity

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croup — Account-book of Dr. William Cullen — The whey cure — Description of an

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better. Large daily doses of the vitamins are to be

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larger quantities of the medicated water, which he will be able to re-

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mucous canals — ^rarely, if ever, on true serous surfaces— the free sur-

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after, when the stomach was fully distended with food, and

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serous cavities of these patients, we will be obliged to admit that