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revealed the fact that the graver forms of cardiac arrhythmia, as heart

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long panorama, the progress and vagaries of medical

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brilliant case can be cited to controvert it ; a case

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Rob. "On the Active Constituent of the Thyroid Gland," Brit. Med. Journ. vol. i. 1897, p.

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during which period the patient was taking the citrate of iron and

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The Rectum laid open, to show certain to stamp the impress of disease

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to fix. The acuter symptoms frequently come on at night. He becomes

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Myelocytes are cells whose cell bodies contain fine or coarse

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Faithful Reports of disease as it may occur, either in

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del Bopyrus squUlarum <Boll. scient., Pavia, an. 11 [v. 3] (3), set., pp. 76-80,

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The length of the stalls is an important matter to attend

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both sides in several of these cases ; a little pus has escaped, and in

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stewpan, and stir until it thickens, but do not let it boil ; strain

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boldest, because such hair proceedeth of lieat and choker,

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vince the most sceptical of the utility of this treat-

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ber. This does not polish, whilst the following does.

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ing all dangers, and being finally successful. Pare en-

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alike was striking. The discs were pale, the vessels were filled with

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three and a half times as long as wide. Abdomen distinctly pointed

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chona, and poultices, brought aljout a favourable change. Other wounds

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vertigo, and coma. In rare cases sudden death occurs almost without

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could be felt under the pubes, the occiput was turned to-

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cause of the death of the patient; and, too, the early relief of

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all mucous membranes. (7) The absurdities of different sys-

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other fingers ; no kindly word from other lips ; he writhes in wretched-

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treme distention of the caecum and colon, but their contents were

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blood from the vagina, which had been in progress for

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produced by the infection have had time to act upon them do the membranes

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and paralysis of the brain, dropsy of the chest, congestion of