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more or less movable, rising and falling, as the eye itself

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these points should be fully considered in laying down the positions

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Typhoid fever, scarlatina or scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles,

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Fig. 22 Transverse section, medulla oblongata through pyramidal decussa-

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placed on blotting paper the liquid is absorbed more quickly from

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that hypertensive patients should be treated first and ob-

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a proper place to receive; while those acting upon the fears of the

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We hardly think our author has done full justice to the germ theory

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practitioner a reliable means of ready reference, at once concise,

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hemorrhage was noted breaking through the connective tissue sheath

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hibited in this case. He could not say whether sloughing from bruise

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which he retires, shall be only entitled to the gratuity or retired

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rabbits the virulence of tubercle bacilli derived from bovines

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presumably be granted as a sound proposition. In support of the

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itself continued upward, limiting the first annectant gyrus in

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under the skin. The lips, ears, alse nasi, and cheeks become

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Tonie rigidity of the muscles of the back of the neck, with retraction

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into the isthmus faucium, so that it would be difficult for the

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inserted into the cyst and retained for a long period {canule a

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host must have searched the various counties of the State to find such

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loaned her daughter money nonetheless, out of some sense of

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if it were automatically pumped out. The patient is now extremely restless,

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tion) should rather, I think, have been noted as " chronic neu-

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is usually a definite increase in the time of conduction from the sino-

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mass, 17f inches. Actual length from neck, 9 inches. At the distal

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destruction of the cilia; accessory tubes; imperfect development

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must be made at once, for though you would not amputate to-

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regards geographical distribiition it may be noted that there are many

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the mineral acid in the presence of alcohol catalyzes not only the proc-

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Treatment — ^Magendie's solution of morphia was ordered

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thickly settled localities with inefficient drainage and surround-

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necessitated to remain in them, as before mentioned, tlu-s were

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have found most admirably adapted to the condition. After carefully