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estimated to extend from the first to the eighth day. The second
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least some collegiate advantages in addition to his high school
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4. Whereas the management of Kenilworth Inn have extended,
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the identity of the film and the tissue spirals. The discussion pro-
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Captain Louis A. LaGarde, assistant surgeon, will, in ad-
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even when taken internally, unless the quantity be enormous, only the stimu-
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most important arrow-poisons of East, Central, West, and South
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twelve years and again at fourteen years he had other attacks on the
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alterations and pathological conditions can be detected.
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intensity, usually of a chronic nature. Fat-diarrhea is not a
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Kidney, pp. 574-586. Phila., W. B. Saunders Co., 1917.
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arrested in the affected .part of bone, because the force of the blow or other
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Irinking more milk than men and it is <renerally helieved that a
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marginatum) of eastern (Dhobie itch) and tropical or sub-tropical origin.
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elevations of the color and appearance as in the uterus of rabbit 150. Maternal
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neral substances on the human system, and what organs they will act
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quantity, and of a very deep red ; pupils not contracted.
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bronchi and in membranous bronchitis, in abscess of the lung after
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large number of these operations compel us to change our
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due to angiospasm, the disease must not be confounded with a series of other
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the responsibility of temporizing with or retaining septic teeth
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together with the numerous illustrations in color, makes the
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fluid, all having negative Wassermann, Nonne and Noguchi reactions,
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age in cities who attended school during the year. . 67,832 67,244
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which deserve special mention. In 1861, John Freeland,
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blocking the cavities, and removing any carious or necrotic area
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f 3«nital organs, female, doubtful diagnosis in dis-
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should be employed, among the most senaceable of which are weak
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nutritive conditions, persons may make gains on diets Avhich are barely
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pain, and thereby induces increased vasomotor activity. Another
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direct these energies so as to obtain the best development; youth also
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exclaimed pettishly, "You are doing what everyone did
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Mr. Spencer Wells gave a lirief, but interesting review
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secondary. Tuberculosis, as a result of the contusion, the same
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11,000, advanced by the year's end to 16,000. The author sug-
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what rare disease in a feeble woman, aged 59. He discussed the relation-
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affairs, far from protecting the people, really places a
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and finally add a sufficient quantity of the menstruum to obtain one
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vaccine after a person is bitten will furnish an efficient
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worship of serpents. After stating that the reptile was
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that the cart-wheel will in going over the abdomen.
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Early in their investigation. Dr. Herbst and associates
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and the physician when efficient termination of disability
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the current or movement of the hot air thereby obtainable aids penetration
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in that city. He does not favor a national quarantine law.
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but as “ monstrous night visitors/' 4 and perhaps under
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but a scanty supply of blood to the lower extremity after deli-