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mucus. If there be much pain and restlessness, morphium or
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no good, whether the pus were located in the tubes or in
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Where these fits are rapid and death occurs, it is usually while in the fit.
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5. Written by a man who. on account of his eminence as bovine practitioner and teacher of
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is also a laceration on the left side, but it is not so
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legation there is constantly in receipt of letters from persons ask-
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celebrated for his pleasantness of manner and kindliness of disposition, and he
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the present generation of uterine surgeons has experienced of
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infection reactions where the organisms are to be used for therapeutic
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there are some who will not think it strange to postulate a tendency
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effect. It should be given on the second and third days of the fever only
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the skin off; little pimples and vesicles will be found there, crop after
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of so simple a nature as many of the experimenters upon the subject of the
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or right foot always taking care to avoid bending the
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plague, he offers the following: First, if one inoculates a
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cising any injurious effect when taken by the mouth ; pro^dded there be
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of posts, is ihe nigh ratio of catanfaal affections, compared with the
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stantly vary ; but experience, he asserts, nevertheless teaches us, that as our dif-
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several months, for fear of the scar yielding and causing aneurysm or
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the 136,000 inmates of prisons, workhouses, and institutions for
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the balloon is inflated there is compression of the lesion into
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(d) When there are no shell fragments remaining in the
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is removed from the point of origin of its respective muscles, and thus
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means, and the Government at home must protect investments. That
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even redness, swelling and some fever, should not be attributed to
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attended with success A gentleman about sixty years of
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uvula, and chilliness or an attack of rigors, which can be attributed to no
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perfect aspirator. All you have to do is to put about a
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impressed by its fatality, he resolved to terminate his
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to 1 hour after its administration. The treated guinea pigs would
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Treatment. Give a mUd laxative (olive oil, linseed oil,
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Fig. 221. The location of the chief motor and sensory areas on the outer (A) and mesial (B)