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to the Hospital of the Good Shepherd, Rosemont; Assistant

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kind in Canada where abdominal section was resorted to.

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the surgeon before being finally cured; if it is well fo-

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ture such vessels, both venous and arterial, as display a disposition

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hot fomentations. At the end of twelve hours the condition of the patient

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fectually restored as those who are able to do so. Electricity

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The material presented is a narrative description of

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are evidences of a primary inflammation having occurred in

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become strong, and hooking the index finger over the groin

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probably most patients, a murmur or murmurs accompanied the

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methods of artificial respiration. The necessity for

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results. Variability comes consequently within narrower limits

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ical relations to other organs, offers very great advan-

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1.5. The railroad station at Mars is about l^i miles from the hospital. The

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type, the centre of the pock becomes dark-red from hemorrhage. This

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putrefaction (acetic acid, fatty acid, lactic acid) or by the hypersecretion of

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and Surgical Journal, February 17, 1910) described five cases.

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and Research Foundation at Letterman Medical Center, San Francisco.

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There are some that advocate hanging the bail low, for

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It was done in this case this ; " the sinus Highmori contained a

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of the prostate gland was extensively destroyed and

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epithelium is but little changed (Fig. 5) and the cilia are well

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Wounds of the scapula and clavicle are included by Stromeyer under the

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normal condition, but subsequently, after a greater or less lapse

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Because the heat of the sun doth dissolve and not consume ;

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bedtime, such as hot broths, hot beef tea, hot milk or hot

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pathological phenomena in common with anthrax, and frequently

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" Dr. Gunn, the University Reader in Pharmacology, who kindly

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ness, in the right leg, hand and shoulder, but not in