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(2) the term of suspension prescribed in the order of suspen-
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disease where, but for this method, it would be over-
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We have seen in the preceding papers of this series that a collodion
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or lightly anchored to the dura with very fine interrupted
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mitted provided the swine were not visibly diseased. This
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and he knows the dangers and the dreary prospect before him.
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and consequently the discharge, of the concretions.
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b.m.*598i3 Hand-list of the specimens of shield reptiles. By
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166. The passage of a cut or ditch not over three feet deep is effected
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in the dog. The two figures represent the same nerve, the one
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seldom condescends to mix with the lower orders that infest the
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supra-clavicular regions; the affected side is often contracted,
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hind the wings, and are like myrtle berries placed one against
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There are cases, however, in which instead of a diminished, there
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The Work of the State Tubercidosis Commission; its Develop-
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{Re/nitUtd from th* State Hospitals Bulletin, Augus^, 1921.)
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stillingia, baptisia, corydalis, yellow dock, burdock, and
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us and by his vigorous espousal of our cause, contributed much to its ultimate suc-
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became impaired, the cough and expectoration increased ; she was dis-
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Fingland, \V., An Unrecorded Case of Thoracopagus Parasiticus, witli some
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deafness may occur from the same cause. Paralyses of the various motor
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and is perfecting himself daily by the accomplishment
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gland, or railiw hypo- and hyperpituitarism, upon Uie general system,
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closely-set elevations, from pin-point to half a millimeter in diameter, with
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now brought under the operation of constant laws; that no
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been terrible, one immediately succeeding another since i r a. m.
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tailed, tarred bandage. This had the desired effect ; for, however
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cause, but has met with two cases in which alarming and ap-
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series of observations upon the rectal temperature of twenty-seven
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This formidable and disabling affection of the eyes, introduced
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ferred to it with all furniture and other articles from the
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oxidation is dependent upon the presence of a peroxide,