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unfrequently met with. I have examined many cases in which it

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ectases, as had also a great uncle and a great aunt. Five of the patient's

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•61702 MacCormac, Sir W. Surgical operations. 2 pts.

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deputy inspector in such county, who holds his office during the pleasure of the

is zofran safe while pregnant

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and general appearance, suspected it to be malignant,

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but its results are excellent. In severe cases a great

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Extremely ill patient; temperature remained elevated several

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of the abdomen. The percussion note is stated to be more prolonged and

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lasting from three to four days, at month intervals. In September, 1914,

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allowed to wear himself out on account of the dyspnoea, is re-

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3. Unpleasant symptoms are more common following intraspinal

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-different places, but without much success, as he only obtained a very

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whilst three had pallor of the disks. The other sixty-three

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Injuries of the brain have ever been of surpassing interest, on

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necessity to fill out the picture of the practice of medi-

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found them in five other more recent cases which have come to autopsy.

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a basis for clinical training, members of the Department of Neurology

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take a turn in a grass field for an hour or so, as a relief

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E. Glasgow Patteson, M.D., etc., Surgeon to St. Vincent's Hospital,

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it is the inflammation and sloughing of the cellular membrane of

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caudad of the lesion. There is obviously here no cutaneous or

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entire area acustica of mammals than with the tuberculum acusti-

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tals, as they do not present the most favoralde conditions for light,

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ment, received a sudden check, and became suddenly almost totally

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C. M., a robust and active lad, twelve years of age, fell

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University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery , and Allied Sciences, published at

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which has been of late so largely in the public eye. Dr. Losee of the

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contagious diseases. Among the causes which originate

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appeared near the former one. These became red and swollen,

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Disease of the bronchial glands produces effects in two ways —

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preceding observation, while the metabolism was higher. Similarly