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his progress is carried out. Necessarily the scheme followed must be

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patients dying of all causes. From this evidence Aschoff was inclined to believe

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small bird will take about three hours. When done serve with

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Lind opposed the common practice of repeatedly bleeding people

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find a good account of the general etiological data of ear

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Prior to Savage's^ studies of microorganisms in mastitis, attempts to differenti-

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•sit up in his chair at times, and bade fair to make a

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-506 s.m. 23 Kumlien, L. Contributions to natural history of Arctic

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mufic, or any other fpecies of entertainment, which

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Here, Gentlemen, we are able to see clearly the nature of the

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Status on Admission: temperature, 102.4 F. ; pulse, 98; respirations, 36;

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remedy it in great measure ; but the relief obtained by teno-

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enter the left ventricle. This portion in the left ventricle comes

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condition ; the appetite was good, and the patient slept well at night. The

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recently been appointed surgeons to one district of the St. Paul,

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of little value. In the catarrhal forms we might ex-

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C. Cross was visited by Dr. G — (I attended with him)

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phototactic response of the larvae, they should orient perpendicularly

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nipples are small or retracted ; where they are sore from having cracks

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administration of gaseous enimata, Osier, W., 294; the value

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with a 7 fat percentage. In some cases the physician intentionally

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spica. At the time much resistance to manipulation was encountered and

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symptoms which bring this class of cases into close relation with the

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a death-rate in his own practice of twenty-three per cent. Asepsis has

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stimulating applications, such as Hniments and tincture of iodine.

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unconscious and died eighteen hours after entrance.

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operation may usually be done under cocaine, but in the worst class of

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and more or less bruised tissues properly approximated to each

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by this chromatism. Java! says it is, and that artificial light is in-

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tant effect on the bactericidal action resulting in the serum of patients

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cause. On the other hand, there may be a condition of

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that in the last five years he has either surgically operated or

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and thus to obtain cirrhoses of uncomplicated t}^e which closely

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similar to steel were employed by them. It was required that the

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tion of the tetanus poison, at first weakened by chemical agents or heat,

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