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incipient tetanic symptoms had appeared. Other remedies of a

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nected, and so closely and inseparably allied as to render it highly

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where the land is low and swampy. These ailments ap-

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he wrote : " After ten weeks of hard and anxious work, I am still holding

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I believe that the progressive degenerative changes in

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and there is morbific matter in the system. In this

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no mention is made in any of the records that tubercular peri"

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The dendritic ulcer is a well-defined variety of superficial corneal

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axillary lymph-nodes developed, fleeting oedema of the face, then

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that the total number of cases is fully upwards of one thousand.

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of these books, the greatest prominence is given to the

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Cytoleichus nudus (fig. 16) is a minute soft-skinned, smooth, oval

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with him at the time of his death, a.d. 363. By the succeeding Emperors he was

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Space does not permit me to do more than to briefly describe

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droning any simple sound as the e of the English word berry, (to do which at

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Division N. Y. Hospital, with fracture of the right femur near

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PABiGOT, late Commissionar in Lana^, and Heporarj Pro-

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treasure, must engage the services of the entire nation. It takes only

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limits. that do not encroach on the frank hyperchromatism of

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the average number of sick is about 60 per 1000 men ; in

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not to lyractice, except as observed above, in cases otherwise desperate.

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the diseases are preventable, by proper physical training of the girl from in-

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Vomiting has occurred during the same time regularly whenever solid food

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moral nor legal right, by persuasion or otherwise, forcibly to subject

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the irritation from ascarides in the vagina. The third class is

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