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that the descriptions given of it, by various writers, accord so
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entiated from those secondary to and symptomatic of organic
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specialist takes care of the old sores and the chronic
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bone, across where it joins the cheek-bone; and, lastly, at its nasal process,
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tion," ably discuss the change, but the former seems to think it
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as entirely distinct from that of the intrinsic or extrinsic origin of the minute
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The purpose of this paper is to draw conclusions from experiments
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regard them all as mammitis, or inflammation of the parenchyma of
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the bowels daily. I would use a blue pill twice a week, for
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not uniformly so, as we advance from the temperate to sub-tropical and
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coccus was the cause of more or less trouble, although rarely of a serious
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happen. It were bettei, therefore, upon this account, that
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most strikingly manifested in infants and young children, but other reports
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little higher up. A capsule containing tea milligrammes of radium chloride #as
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smell and hear. An enraged cat, tobacco smoke, lighted matches, pass
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students to assist nature and not to thwart her; and
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— only mark the damaged portals of entry for the germ causes
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by itching. No septic complications were to be distinguished in these cases.
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defect in the practical working of our political system, that for years
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disease in the animal is produced by very vigorous methods, and never
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the University Medical School, New York, and Physician of the Ijfew
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vegetable material is manipulated, viz., the distillation of
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insane are over that age. In respect of the age distribution of
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cumstances. I was requested to take charge of the case upon these sin-
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marked in chronic cases but so severe as to amount almost
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cough, 3 deaths from scarlet fever, and 6 deaths from diarrhoeal
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confusional excitement with delusions of persecution, or of grandeur; the
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methylene blue ; those in the periphery took the stain well and showed
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showed typical " gelatinous degeneration." The degenerated tissue
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when pushed to the extent of salivation, dissolves the human fluids, on
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there often is nausea, because many persons become nauseated
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cotton-root bark, grindelia, black haw, wintergreen, sesame oil, and
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of ailments which very largely claims the attention of the
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Commission for a joint University Court for Scotland. So far as
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at bedtime. The calomel produced several free evac-
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stop the cow market ; but by this arrangement we can
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history. When your thoughts wander to undesirable subjects, and
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should exceed the output, since you thus obtain a depth of narcosis
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