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that the total number of cases is fully upwards of one thousand.

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disappeared. The soft palate had been destroyed by disease now

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Essai it une Tlicorie General du Diabete. He claims

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culosis can never be gotten rid of by any process of rapid eradi-

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vessels and pack the bladder tightly with gauze, which was left

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preternatural coat or membrane " covering the air passages of the children who

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early luxation that have been referred to me, in most instances by


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which killed eleven horses. The pathogenic properties of the

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Gross, Alexander, F.R.G.S. " The A.I. Guide and Atlas to London."

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curative of the disease ; Dr. Galloway had voiced a very general opinion

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Sugar as a Means of Increasing Uterine Contractions. — Some

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Astrop Wells, near King's Sutton, in Northamptonshire ;

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all places where they are tested side by side in like diseases,

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scrved that under its administration in doses of four

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tion is so often developed around cavities already formed, that

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body due to the aplasia. The latter is the type occurring in the

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has no basis in experiment and would seem not to offer any thera-

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and freely spoken of by all, will gradually melt away, and

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reasonable ; but the attempt to square a Bible assertion with a

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suggest that some subjects be considered at this meeting

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placed, pulls open the bosom of the flannel dress in which he

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cial treatment to reduce its weight is resorted to. For all these con-

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opening the peritoneum. In all wounds away from the

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about 130 to 140, and rather feeble. A very small amount of