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It is strictiy true, that my object, in going to New England last spring,

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also the last report of the Commission in Lunacy of the state

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periments on guinea-pigs, he finds that the tubercular

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attendants, or on the bits, or in the drinking water and many other ways;

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measure, our exemption from serious sickness." The report of

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veterinary education in America (whose amalgamation formed

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fort that one can hope to obtain outside his own home. So far,

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to all interested. The collection embraces not only the

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and disappointed when reading of the ehaoti<; state in

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sick and wounded confederate prisoners, besides being in

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appeared to present new, and more continued forms of fever, and inter-

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tissne is extremely dense and fibrous, and that it serves not only the

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tleness, and with a vacillating sort of movement of the hand

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Typhoid fever, scarlatina or scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles,

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" The proportion of nitrogenous matter or plastic ailments to carbo-hydrates or respiratory corw-

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dissolving on shaking, and also gums under dry chloroform but does

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Like other diseases belonging to the tropical and subtropical zone,

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the bottom, it gradually terminates in the point of the ori-

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mares that are shy or difficult breeders, and in those who

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departments of thf University, as the College of medicine and the college

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the bowel, leaving the serous intact. A ligature is placed

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J. F.; Cowles, E. ; Dow, W. W. ; Durell, T. M. ; Gould, J. B.

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has another war ; MassachuHettH Mends to the frunt, as

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gave me the first idea of the medical virtues of this valu-

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same power of diverting a serious inflammatory menace from the viscera ; and

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of ten days after the beginning of the treatment, which made

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equal emphasis declares that they find their origin not in the

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or even more than the nerve structures have been noted as the locus

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that even in the families where the income is small,

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of any opinion over the one held admits error in one’s