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of 2.5 to 4 cm (1 to 1.5 in) on both sides. Manuscripts

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the exception of opium (in regard to which there had

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and extended knowledge of natural causes and effects.

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is eight pounds, yet it is frequently the seat of fatty degeneration,

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corner of Arch and 6th Sts., Philadelphia, Pa., always keep on

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cine in the world for a plethoric horse, or one predisposed to

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sometimes occurs in the large intestine and which may be due to various

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phlegmon becomes an abscess. Pus accumulated, fluctuation was

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of 1859. By John C. Dalton, Jr., M.D., Professor of Physiology

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rubbing and letting stand. It was purified by dissolving in hot

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weeks, however, the skin flaps retracted considerably and pus formed

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into the pelvis and the whole organ explored bimanually. All

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tion in child hygiene among parents, students, nurses, physicians

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Sutlierland mentioned the irregularity of the auricular beat. He (Dr.

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The Reference Committee felt there is a mechanism in

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may be attacked but its spontaneous absorption does not ensue. That

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observing that the task he had set himself was to make clear to his hearers in

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Fig. 3. — Diagrammatic representation of the condition in a similar record

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spongy, easily-bleeding granulations. It may lasl for

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turned back. The reposition took fifteen minutes aud

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fever. Such an iiistitutiou must be the focal stimulus wliicli shall

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of the influential factors in the develoi)ment of lateral

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gain access to the intestine of another individual, in which the

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The potatoes were cut with one, two and three eyes to a set,

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method. He has found, however, that the poorness in vessels of the linea

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quent communication with England — five days from Plymouth,

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endeavours to prove tliat progressive muscular atrophy,

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nel” sign of biliary tree enlargement in mild to moderate obstructive

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Deaths reported 3.187 : under five years of age 1,615; principal