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Table 1 illustrates the patients’ diagnoses, subjects studied,

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preparations which we have made. A list of the scientific

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there are no other external deformities nor apparent visceral anomalies.

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soluble salts of quinia, where the presence of acids in extemporaneous

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larger numbers are involved, the average mortalities were 34.7, 34.9, 35.9 per cent,

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cardium I relieved by incising from below the central tendon of

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able part of the time not taken up by routine work and class-

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There was in some instances a rise of temperature on the third day, but this

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klin. Wchnschr., v. 4 (35), 27. Aug., pp. 646-647. [W m .]

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millions. In the epidemics in this country, cases are always relatively more

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Constitution of Han; the Voice of Nature; the Hopes of the Race.''

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same. Apparently there is not enough difference between

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and carpets, while the body was held at the college for dissection.

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pewa, Eau Claire, P'epin and Barron Counties in Wis-

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are very common, especially in the endocardium and pericardium. Pig-

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sensory aphasia, and anarthria. In motor aphasia the patient, although

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from the records of Bellevue Hospital, which were treated by the. gypsum

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it there with deep and superficial stitches. Palmer reports that

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substance in the sterilized broth. This broth, in fact,

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Jenner made the great discovery, that if the human subject is

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ADS has now effected an entrance within our atronghuld.

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and the entire body. A man under water is deprived of air.

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privileges may be secured at the regular room rates with an additional charge of

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will possibly obscure or render altogether impossible

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or on duty elsewhere is verified by the mustering officer, who is accom-

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Minot, represents the remnants of sympathetic nerve

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must lie in its own structures. When, however, we come to