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partment is well equipped with apparatus for research and
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The Work of the State Tubercidosis Commission; its Develop-
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The mucous membrane of the endometrium is composed of simple
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Dispatch Office." I think it is a good thing for the world that he
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poisonous material from the intestinal tract. If the case be seen in the
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The morbid changes in the vascular system are next considered. Dr. Bright
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2. Turcot J, Despres J-P, St. Pierre F: Malignant tumors of the
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brick with a single wide groove is made, which more nearly
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How quick she sprang from her chair, and how she laughed
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a fibroid polyp in a boy fifteen years of age. It was attached to the base of
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statements. Hamilton's practice : The posterior splint is made of
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Surgical Out-Patient Department of the University Hospital (case-record 40259),
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Epileptic fits are frequently feigned by soldiers in order to secure
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fants deserted by their known parents, or left orphans at
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better, if possible, to avoid dividing the glandular substance. If
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pation of disfigurement from pitting may now be calmed,
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Medical Officer of Health and Analyst for Dublin, &c., &c.
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