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5. Mrs. G., widow, aged sixty-five, was operated upon

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Belg., Charleroi, 1897-8, ix, 320; 404.— E-xpcrtises (Les)

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and was, therefore, they thought, likely to do as well

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or post-mortem investigation, either privately or in public lectures.

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short probably at least 40% of their antigenic material. An examination of

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made at the site of the higher injury, and the nerve,

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are (i) that it is caused by the ingestion of raw fish, or again (2) from

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rology. Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Surgery, others BRAD-

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gether. It was his custom to do a flap-splitting instead

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the patient has not a stiff neck he will recover, but when it comes on,

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ral Society, a small sum was raised sufficient to enable me to

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Mary Jo Jaqita, MSPH, PhD, ABMM; VA Infection Control Executive Council;

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not exist in the former. If the museum has a weak point, it is in prepara-

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When we open an abscess we must proceed as before to

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my surgical colleagues for early incision of the tympanic membrane on

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subject, and publishes a series of cases, one of which

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The patient, aged 23, entered Lane Hospital on December

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bed, in his vain endeavors to obtain an easy posture.

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most efficient method is by dry heat. The tensile strength

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^hSCne so little change that it was considered deceased must have!

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freedom of the city was conferred, and they purchased for him a

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Percussion. — This is an important adjunct, but when

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8 P.M., II c.c. Pasteur's serum were injected in loin.

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stated, pigmented leukocytes may be found here while absent in the blood

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in yellow fever, as they doubtless are in many diseases which they do not

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of tabetic symptoms have recently been discussed by the author ^

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difficult to ascertain ; but M. Humboldt estimates the former at

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about a quarter of an hour ; but the dullness of the senses still continued. At

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basis, under the management of Miss Snively (a Canadian, and

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6. Baerthlein, Centr. Bakt., Ite Abt., Ref., Beiheft, 1912, liv, 178.

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presented similar to that of an English physician. The latter