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HUTTON, W. H. H., i^urgeon. — To proceed to Way Cross,
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and left fallopian tubes; 10 and 11, right and left testicles; 1% and 18,
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it appear upon the witness stand that it was my desire to
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be spread, from person to person, from house to house, or perhaps from town to town;
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toothed jaws of the long dissecting forceps, at a point in the
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singing. These hypertrophies can be easily recognized, and
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experienced in the corresponding lower extremity, which is also
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F., and reducing the temperature of each following bath by
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Some of the earlier writers, while granting the existence of
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as to break two of his ribs, so that he is for some time incapacitated from
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with the windows wide open. Both latrines and baths should be
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on the back of the neck, doing it just before meals.
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the decarbonization of the vital fluid. May not the predisposition to this morbid
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fpedl to this matter, confirmed by an authority of fuch weight
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alterations in the lumen of the tube, perhaps a thickening of the intima.
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were not made. The heat production per square meter of body sur-
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self, and whether he will succeed or not will depend upon his
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the artery, lay, as it now lies in the specimen, in contact with the
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The threshold of tolerance lies below 0.7 gm. per kilogram of body weight
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than those I had given of the hydrochloric acid : I began with ten
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the experiments tabulated the blood exhibited microscopical appearances
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•6182 1 Hofmeier, M. Der schwangere und kreissende Uterus.
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liaving colors, hut is most applicable to gentlemens' apparel.
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contributes the article on scurvy, and gives an in-
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surpassed in any way. They were not scabby, but were
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and is where the New Haveners go to recreate, and wash off
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The Alexandrian School, also, well described the cardiac valves, but
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and even eighty-five per cent, of the eliminated oxygen