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should not be administered internally, however much they may have

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The opportunity which the author has had to gather in-

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and has not gone so far as Mr. Gamgee, for he has not

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counsel with regard to accidents that happen during

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practice of medicine, in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadel-

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measles and is sometimes associated with the formation of areas of

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sions to the subject of tumours and growths of the tongue. One was a

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Dr. Pitman, Registrar of the Royal College of Physicians,

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per cent. — of cases of diabetes that have been examined

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sition upon consumers who were without knowledge of the

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the centre. The author supposes that this form of cancer may exist in all organs. He looks

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disease is, to-day, one of the nicest problems in diagnosis that

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which heretofore showed no indications of effusion into

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the Crimean war. — The next table shows the order of fatality of

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assumes a triangular form, and becomes firmly adherent to the superficial

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was almost total, preventing the blood from entering the tumoig: at all ; and the whole time

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commenced about the ankle and instep. By Sunday night the swelling

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blood, was born at Folkestone on April 1st, 1578. After passing

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General classification of projectiles considered as sources

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worse than brewers'. It may be this constant acidity which

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drug houses were uniformly treated by him with great

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The treatment resorted to rt the commencement of the out-

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light: Emily and Sara are all smiles about singing Christmas carols at the

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In my classification of the causes of barrenness, temperamental

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therapeutic sera to that of the poorly matched blood transfusion,

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to certain lesions, the chief of which are thrombosis

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Creal, Charles E., 2443 McCoy Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Founder.

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after exposure to cold, the cough was increased and the expectoration