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or rather in the bed, (in case the patient is in bed) and not in the
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Tol. i. 1896, p. 960. "Fibroma of Broad Ligament, weighing 44 lbs. 8 oz., successfully
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a grain, whilst the same quantity of nitric acid gives |- of a grain in
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more than a little fluid, Mr. Ballance inserted a fine trocar through the
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Otolaryngology and Emeritus Chief of the Division of Oto-
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and beginning at the heart, began to trace the vessels outwards. The
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But when the pains, whatever may have been their seat, are
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toss them in a saucepan, with a piece of butter ; then add a
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was, at the beginning of the illness, turning of the head to the left
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pya-mia itself It^was always a difficult matter to state precise-
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Confinement.— At a recent meeting of the New York
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it is undoubtedly efficient in this respect, the varia-
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Hemijjlegia. — In 120 cases of hemiplegia in children Osier found
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should introduce every night into the vagina, a few grains of tannic acid
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in manuscript, was probably the origin of Dr. William
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Attending Pathologist, North Shore University Hospital
iv zofran onset of action
pealed to health officers because of the prominence it gave to matters
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The Temporal Bone in a Case of so-called Meniere Disease.
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normal salt solution on a slide and place a little of the
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the same in water by a soap combination. Although, like most new disin-
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The Pulse. By W. H. Broadbent, M.D., Fellow of the Koyal College of
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tal functions from others, both in health and disease, are so apparent
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ches tall), she was looking remarkably well, and said
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slightly anteflexed ; the fundus slightly enlarged, a de-
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such case the malignant condition was confined to the
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for some weeks and be satisfied that recovery of function is not in progress ;
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to try the effect of surgical measures upon an ordinary case of
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July, affecting the sides and lower part of the abdomen and the
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Appetite had been good, and diet liberal till within four days.
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wall of the meatus, but a very slight curve. With advancing development of
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ture of the femur, and in no case have I had occasion to regret doing so,
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the receipts for the year from the Treasury of the United
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2. (a) What are the symptoms of extra uterine pregnancy?
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abstractions of blood may be undertaken if there is excessive
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ations forming in the latter. Mucus patches are some-
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tained by Drs. Williams and Arnold in their ob.serva-