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this view Minkowski and others have urged that the muscular spasms
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that, while approaching the city on his wedding tour, too modest
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organs; for example, arteries, veins, nerves, lymphatics, and a
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tion of other organs, the only alteration of the bodily
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order to provide an open public forum for reviewing and
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panded intravascular volume have also been advocated.
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on the lower level for informal use by small groups.
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Endocrinology and in the Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland College Park.
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Hu^'lisli wahnit situated on the antf-rior wall of the
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that speedily arises when the pressure is brought about by
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or, in other words, arrest of the functions of the liver from any
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Our first case presents some unusual features, though unfortunately
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hitions, while many, were not extreme, but a warm S.W. current
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bonate has been permitted before the continuous fast was abandoned
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ceive from the lungs and alimentary tract and to carry to all parts
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the existence of a local cause is too apparent to admit of a doubt, and where
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1. The origin and early spread of the disease cannot be
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the rest of the wound closed with interrupted silk-worm gut sutures.
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gland, the puncta lacrimalia and the tear ducts, the
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llexion, extension and outward and inward rotalioD of
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healthy horse being in the same atmosphere as a glandered
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Fig. 1. 85 days. Diffuse involvement of the scrotum with the formation of
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oxygen, and " that at a temperature of 113° to 115°F. the amoeboid move-
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It must be added that on one occasion, the date of which was not recorded,
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At every point the writer gives a practical turn, wasting very
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in other fluids : however, they lived pretty long in
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that in, extremely rare cases syphilis may be inocu-
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done our utmost to contribute to the welfare of the medical students,
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■ there has not been a really great war since as far back as 1918, the