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mercury. Mercury is here taken in its broad sense, and it is this
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Class I. Cystostomy for mechanical difficulty, without
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fractures were discovered in the jaw. The broken rib on left
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treatment of the initial lesion of syphilis seems to
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in the family ? Do you know if your parents, or either of them, were
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certain amount of time and attention in the first instance in order to
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rather feeble and high pitched, but not in the least hoarse.
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disease had not been recognised as a uniform group of symptoms. Hence,
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vear in and year out ! Such a practice also secures one against
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set-up type lias been destroyed we have been unable to supply
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disease was brought in by Western cattle. He reported a case
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have led many observers to the conclusion that the dis-
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virulent material was used,' there was local ulcer-
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knife is then run lightly around the tumor an inch or two above
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nately prev<;nted from ap()*'ttring by indiHpo┬╗┬╗itioii, wm
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thoroughly familiar with the working of this new system, and all who
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would have no constitutional right to make such appro-
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stools and do not carry away much feces. Of course, it
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should be allowed for contraction of its cavity before the parasite on
fingers could bo recognized only imlistinctly, I ex-
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laginous principles ; but in New York city and some other
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Secretary of Marriage, whose duties it shall be to investigate the various
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the tail at its root, with great pelvic oedema, but such cases
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brighter tint and greater abundance of its rash, the frequent presence of
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swelling was considerably reduced in size, but at a later date it again
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serious and incurable diseases, may be reckoned as causes
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elaborated in the destruction of tissue may cause an intoxication independent
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was at first placed upon the secular clergy, and many
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arising from special deformity of bones or joints. Thus we have the equally
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recurrence in September, 1911, but in 1912 she remained free from symptoms.
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the later stages it is more often septic and then becomes a