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of the colon became daily involved; the pulse was 120 per minute, and

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I would like to say a few words on Education and what is being done

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ter. Do not irrigate too often or too late. In the driest seasons

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constitution, as to render it less able to bear up against the shock

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under treatment, whether for the chronic renal disease of pregnancy or

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R. Fischl ^ does not believe that it is possible to diag-

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least two months in each year. He here finds a specific for the

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meat becomes tender again. Meat should, therefore, be eaten either before

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The causes of this disease are sometimes the result of

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and this is of importance, as the development of the

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ings, or whether they have some bearing on the condition of the indi-

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give rise to a hypertrophied condition of the neighboring

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Colony Treatment of Epileptics in Connecticut. Donald L. Ross

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the form which attacks children under two years of age, that a

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for the transfer of patients to the hospitals of the

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at a casual glance it looked like seborrhoeic eczema. By the kindness

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gether too local to make these statistics, which are almost the only

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The Sanitarium is situated on Columbia Heights, at the corner of Fourteenth

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solution of the perchloride of iron in hydrochloric acid also causes a

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successful the humerus will suddenly sHp into place with a click ;

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eminently beneficial, and under its influence the engorgement and

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presented symptoms o'f excitement analogous to those of furious

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the salicylates, bleeding and all. He recommended creosotal and

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nature and modus operandi of the remedies which they employ. In

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tatively, since no medium has yet been found which is satisfactorily effica-

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comes on, which is attended by a gradual waste or shrinkage.

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their possession of which is far more incredible than the entire body of

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and sharper and less as it grows towards the chin shews a man

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the only chance of preserving the patient's life — although owing to the

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unaltered. In his case there was no affection of sensation, the super-

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tried medicine, baths, brushes, and massage without help. He now has six in use by his patients.

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ment, received a sudden check, and became suddenly almost totally

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first week of typhoid fever. Am. Surg., 1909, xlix, 111-114.

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ing, and cultured skin grafting will eventually become

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photograph and the following measurements : Height, 58 in. ; upper

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