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Unfortunately, in Canada, we have no Federal Department of

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writing. At one time such authors as Netter, in France, thought that the

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cannot pick up things ; muscles ill-developed ; a little

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are chiefly represented. If we suppose the haemorrhage on one side

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bile in quantity.^ The pressure, though, against which secretion

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360 Dr. Baxter — Case of Severe Burn, followed by

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In the days of our first endeavors in the practice of medicine,

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the cavity of the thorax or chest; and returning to its

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many valuable lives of young medical men in our hospitals

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rr. G. Thin (British Medical Journal, vol. ii, 1891, page 91) states that the consumption of water con-

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clockwise rotation are so mounted as to turn freely upon a

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with bivalent cation caused little or no such additional swelling and

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some difficulty I procured chloride of gold and sodium and made

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that of London. One of the principal inspectors of the largest

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greater number of adventitious stems produced and the

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of nothing else than severe and protracted application. It is not a

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somewhat below or very decidedly below the normal. 2. It is probable

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but when it came to the inferior portion of the cargo it was very poor

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cases include the deaths of 4 children under 5 years of age (in-

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much extended and it is now used to introduce medicaments through

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proper official channels, except In cases of pressing necessity, which do not

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tion in 10 per cent formalin and Miiller's fluid six to ten days, in

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We have not now as did those who lived in the time of our

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ulcerative stomatitis the points of election are the gums, the lips, and

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The Movements — 1. Lungs. — In health these are respiratory and cir-

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A SHORT time ago agents of the New York City Board of

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their personal benefit nearly every thing which the female mind may

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of the spinal nerves, though here there is a well defined grouping

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the truth of this obfervation, as we meet with facts

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BASNET, (Caledonia (178:]), 1907 — Lang, J. ; Weeks, W. A.