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zation, both in secondary venereal disease, and m the hitherto incurable malady,
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culpable in loosing a patient seen early in the disease, in
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may be attacked but its spontaneous absorption does not ensue. That
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eat what is olfered them, they are noisy and obstrep-
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Louis LeBrun, Albany, N. Y. : "I was in general practice until 1905 ;
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instep at once induced the fit. And lastly, mental emotion
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Fairfield, 9; New London, 4; Litchfield, 3; Windham, Mid-
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really discriminating ear. Much that passes for singing to-day might
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to ask this question : Has the medical profession reached
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fibrosis of the ovaries. Although every variety of menstrual disorder
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interfere seriously with work. Mere starvation can not therefore be
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cated also that the glosso- and the cheiro-kinsesthetic centres constitute
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retina, without much change in the appearance of the eye.
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shire College of the Victoria University ; Examiner
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The injury (for example) which was sufficient to excite inflam-
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adults constitutional symptoms are apt to be somewhat severe. About
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tion with true Scammony in some of the London Hospitals.
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stools clay-colored, but neither the skin nor the urine were bile-
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top was tilted to the horizontal and the second observation was made.
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the other. The case then ran the usual course of phthisis.
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scription of this inquest : " They had opened the body in the
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Interment," is not satisfied that the danger is so fanciful as we imagine.
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excretions, and an increase in the tone and powers of the system.
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upon the external aspects of the three articulations. If
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by the sun of the high and arid altitudes, with little or no putre-
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body. The morning sick parades in these days were rarely without
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the unfortunate man as Bruno gave him the second pill.
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1964. Pew, J. Howard, Grays Lane & Mill Creek Rd., Ardmore, Pa.
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ated with opacity of the media, or visible change in
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appeared unaltered in character, I did not anticipate any bad
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horn in its healthy state. But it is far different when the
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ITTE have hitheilo been treating of tbegeiierAtion of man,
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hard, irregular and adherent, situated in the cerebellum, and
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