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Bartli and Koger, and Wintrich ' have already mentioned it.

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(nit. argent. 10 grs., lard 5j.) which produced great pain for a

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Clinic, 10666 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla 92037. (619) 554-8556.

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Dr. Becker: I take the ground that the criminal, if he is

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is based on the committee’s evaluation of the candidate’s

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lodges gravel and calculi from the kidneys, and confers vigor and

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tumour could be felt in the abdomen, the walls of whic'h were

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pork. As few people are likely to eat raw pork, there seems little

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l)etween typhoid fever and local conditions, concerning which, it may be

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his gratitude to those whose assistance made this publication possible.

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Gross, Alexander, F.R.G.S. " The A.I. Guide and Atlas to London."

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most wholesome and nutritious of all the vegetable products, besides their imme-

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belief in the mind of the patient that he is the victim of

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the right eye being directed forwards. Since then a very small

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to have recourse to the perchloride, he would use a strong solution, taking care

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logue of species rests mainly upon the collections made

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Hospital in New York. As to the influence of sex, perforation occurs more

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whose splendid clinical and anatomic descriptions written during

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ened and corrugated. — Edin. Med. and Sur. Journal, July, 1832.

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enne, beef gall, of each 1 ounce ; alcohol 4 ounces. Mix

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was pale, rather dry, and tended to crack transversely. The

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Treatment. — So soon as an abrasion is discovered on the back,

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forming a deep, fungating, foul ulcer which discharged

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impossible to mention every contingency which may arise, and

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be traced in the shape of leashes of fine vessels passing between the

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treatment consists of rest in bed with the knees fas-

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exposure ; that for some years preceding her chest complaint she had had

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of inter-vertebral substance ; cord almost completely severed ; death,

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tation shows nothing abnormal about the orifices, unless there

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lodgment above the floor of the nose of the breech-piece and

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for fuccefs. The cortex, however, with the vitriolic

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men are placed in a given cubic space, the lives of some of these

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absorbent power of the vaginal mucous membrane being very

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3. Affect the income of every family, because all earned income up to $4,800