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a well man. There is always a question in my mind as to
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Hypostatic Congestion and Pneumonia These are especially likely to
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made of pure rubber, with a coil spring moulded or imbedded in the stem, which gives it rigidity enough to
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its contagiousness, but fail to quarantine. ' In this respect they
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could more easily afford to lose those of many other instru-
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the station by means of a cordon of police, ■ over others of its kind are very marked, and
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From such insufficient data I have attempted to collect
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hypodermoclysis, purging and sweating are the sheet-anchors. Another
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point of the blow both internally and externally, but
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been with certainty observed — namely, by Leuckart in the pig four weeks
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the neighboring towns. He continued in the performance of the ac-
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times used in comparative anatomy. (2) That the cornua of the spinal cord
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1 . What is the general character and condition of the town, whether healthy or
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page, but is burdened with much irrelevant matter. Such a digest, at
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way of getting a definite idea of what was being done
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conditions of life insurance would be met and fulfilled with
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of years, had to pass his urine once or twice during the night.
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The Home was started first as an abiding-place, where a poor girl
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niearned man must be right ; for poison given to the sick
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go directly to the thing which is seen. And this is proved by
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the period and by the institution named, and that said ex-
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in the city shows a marked improvement in their general sanitary
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The President then proceeded to appoint the following
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that the air does really follow the course of the vascular
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caused by constitutional debility, scrofulous diathesis, or by ex-
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Dr, Wurdemann: The question of the length of programs
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was successful for three days when, upon entering an elevator
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well-known modes of grain poisoning : A. Ergotism ; B. Pellagra : C.
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to mental existence those who are afflicted with the most awful of
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queen; while the reserve that would keep the inmost womanly treas-
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tion of the fields of vision, or cutaneous anaesthesia, or a history of
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nephrosis produced by a kinking of the ureter no urine
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serous cavities of these patients, we will be obliged to admit that
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region, on the other hand, contains both pepsin and hydrochloric acid. These,
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thought is one of the common etiological factors of functional
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to the side with a thump. This is the diagnostic symptom of
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care of two physicians both of whom I knew, I had a pretty fair