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show of talent, and Scutthroats won the playoffs by edging

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and remains so for a long period, in the course of which various phlegmasia are

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Epileptic fits are frequently feigned by soldiers in order to secure

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hemorrhage until my arrival, an hour later. I found the bones and muscular

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Before one proceeds to apply forceps, several conditions must be

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Warm dry air produces the most comfortable sensations and

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to run off over a rubber sheet to a receptacle on the floor. The

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He asked Dr. Cohen whether he included in his state-

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will be willing and more than willing to begin upon little, and by the bless-

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those cases of '' nervous cough," that are so troublesome to

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woman, aged thirty, upon the side of a carious second

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and then forward, until the neck of the tumor was divided, when the tumor

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may happen to get into it: at the inner corner of tlie

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can be taken except on the initiative of the dipsomaniac

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much ; the left remaining constantly larger. There was

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She was operated upon the day following her admission. In-

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Two cases of conjunctivitis occurred in 141 cases. Becker in 505 pneumonias

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treme distention of the caecum and colon, but their contents were

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convenient volume for constant use. Though the popularity of

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of syrup. Its action is easy, safe, and powerfully drastic. —

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throughout the desquamative or convalescent period is verj'

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editorial in the Lancet (1895, i, p. 166,) on infant neglect, insurance, and mor-

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cure her daughter. The girl recovered and the mother

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Paralysis in the dog usually yields to treatment, but for some reason, I

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embolic lobar pneumonia, bronchial lobular pneumonia, and the

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Its action is Prompt ; stimulating the appetite and the diges-

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size, so much of the occipital lobe was compressed by

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of his excellent results by seeing some of his patients years after oper-

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in the different sections of the state. We believed that they

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in the system, and an attempt of nature at their evacuation.

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