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" To the Honorable Board of Censors, Connecticut Veteri-

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[,000 to $1,800 per year. The State Board of Regents

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Jay, Harvey H. Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine.

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fourth of the large caudal lobe are also hepatized.

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Seymour Jones and Corner " On the Filling of Cavities in Bone with

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opes the same as with other cases. There are a great many

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tions, I have only used Duncan and Flockhart's or Squibb's

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debility, more general perhaps than that occasioned by corporeal la- "

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dreams of some one of several animals, which are named to him by his

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this war-time in abdominal surgery may be predicted with confidence."

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comparatively short distances from the point of departure, the

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to the cellular membrane of the orbit, sometimes terminates in abscess within

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5. Eliminative Treatment. This, as suggested especially by W. B.

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The meteorological record for the week ending July Hi, iu

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studied changes induced in cells by various poisons of an organic

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predisposing causes of the Laryngeal Fatigue Xeuroses. The two

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of a radical cure by cicatricial contraction, and that by

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others dilated, under apparently the same group of symptoms; the

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of all determine the basal production that is, the smallest energy

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there luvs been iVactically no winter, and the spring

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tion of these two forms, constituting, if localized, glomerular, if gen-

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Adams, Mr. W., on the growth of cicatrices from wounds made in early life, and the

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up and down several times during the night, and in the

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Mr. Gutterid^e would desire to have known as *' lithotomy made speedy and

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in Case III., and of the latter in Case V., in Zucker-

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drawings it is necessary to refer to the text of the book. This is a

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and uterine hemhorrages. 4. As a. stimulant, it is especially

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This should show itself in this way, that a neutral salt would increase

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and shortly disappearing. Laramie, June 9, 1894 (No. 216); Ex-

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with practical teaching, and with the requirement of tliree years of

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upon the abscess-aac, and, on incising which, I evacu-

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to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and a

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the greatest value. The author refers to the difference between

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