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A handsome shrub, common on rocky ledges at 8.000 ft. and

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ยง 2. There shall be an Annual Assessment of five dollars,

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observation. She had then suffered for some considerable time from

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days, with a drachm of mercurial ointment, rubbing it well in ; after

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effect is desired. Cloths saturated with it and ap-

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1860 b. โ€” On the efficacy of the root of male fern in verminous affections of calves.

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Kibes, situated upon the anterior communicating artery, constituting the

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acting discipline and training on the part of the nurse.

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perfect union of the wounds which had been ligatured.

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blood, and we do not doubt that his new manual will prove as service-

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to the fumes of naphtha from open bowls of cement. (Bull. 127, Bur. Labor

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those who abstain from alcohol, there is a steady vital

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ing organs. Absorption of the renal fat was the rnost

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gree from veterinary colleges; uniform abbreviation of the wordsj

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such positive and negative results, this factor can

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With regard to the etiology of this disease there is little to

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secutive laparotomies. A third case, and the last, came to

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give place most gladly to my friend Dr. R. A. Reid, who will

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~be disposed of at a rate which is practically the same as that at wh'ich ab-

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hearing partly returned before he left the hospital.

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bacteria in general, and the making of cultures are of immediate

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MAKECHXIE, Horace P. , 238 Elm St., West Somerville โ€” 1S79 โ€”

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