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only the patients but also the healthy to wear an ab-

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beforehand, they are very likely to empty themselves reflexly, either

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grave symptoms produced from vaccination, accidentally, with

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processes of the right side retreat still further; if he

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in a few quarts of linseed tea, or an infusion of slippery elm,

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avail, the committee began its work by changing the existing laws

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who hurry through life, indulging every animal instinct and

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of Magendie on the middle peduncles. Magendie describes, as the chief

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Impressed though I am with the importance of this study, con-

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the horse's mouth; bight (end) of reins falling to the front and on the right

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account of sickness, thus casting discredit on the physi-

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the result of some external wound of the head or some extension

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fore death. It is now, however, generally admitted to be merely " ex-

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the side of the ligature, and the cortex becomes far less excitable. The

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places him dangerously near the class of the leper. This is due

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A low-grade mentality is unable to fulfill the expectations of nor-

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Various kinds of microbfes have been found in the walls of the stomach

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often used to designate a typhoid state of fever — a 8U[^H>8ition fsvcnned

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tumours, &c. It must not be confounded with bleeding from the

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or cardiac congestion predominate; and by employing antispas-

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The most important organism of Roman society, at once

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discharged into the hepatic veins, and thus to the general circulation.

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instances, the glomeruli and cortical striations were prominent. The

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autopsy revealed a condition of things I did not expect. The right

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factory results have been secured. The normal nutrition of the

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niatration of Chloroform ; not to go on when there is eterto-

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ancestors have drank so deeply and so unnaturally from the cup of

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smaller doses were equally effecdve if combined with

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occupies a portion of the larynx more frequently the

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tinued observation, elimination and the grouping to-

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bubo were invalided, all the other men affected being

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butter, I jupful of sugar, ?^ of a cupful of sweet milk, a little cinna-

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to renew the hot corn meal poultice, and the former frequency of the

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unnecessarily, we think) some twenty minutes in the effort to demon-

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secure that the individual shall take at stated times more fluid than perhaps

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