Voltaren To Treat Synovitis

the banks of a river or canal, or by mere concussion on the water— allowance
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Definition. — Influenza is an acute contagious disease probably caused
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forms of marsh-poisoning from enteric fever, whether in individual cases or
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forty-eight years of age, who had had a gastric ulcer
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The theory of phagocytosis is simply this — that in
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gypsum-working, and tanning have been looked upon as lessening the
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Mosquitoes, like other insects, occasionally, under
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literature. According to Minelli the growth starts in small deposits of lym-
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that of the bronchial tubes, hence may be used in catarrhal
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' Read before the New York Derraatological Society, and illustrated
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or from the clot of an aneurysm, may become detached and give rise to
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syphilis at the age of eight months. She sul^sequently
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continues to walk about, either experiencing but slight disturbance or being
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muscular action, and the other to the sensation resulting from
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for the practitioner, as it presents the facts about whicb ho
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and Acting Assistant-Surgeon E. D. Martin, from the
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by Pintner & Toops {Journ. of Delinquency, vol. ii., 1917). In
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meat is by boiling, next comes roasting in an oven, and
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aminers — an opinion which has been modestly advanced
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not like to say ; but I have no hesitation in saying that it
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codendron, poison oak ; and R. Vernix, swamp sumach ; and,
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i iSE I. — Hystkro-Epilepby : Right Ovarian Hvperaebthebia,
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cerning some unusual features of epilepsy, together with
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This may be given in doses of f3j or fSij every two
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Gonorrhea, in spite of all the ado made of retro-injection and the like,
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than passing interest in these days of new remedies and new developments
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Monograph No. 8. (Issued July 31, 1918.) Price, $1.00.
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pulse to the abdominal walls. Thus it is sometimes favored by the existence
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Commentary. — The first of these cases was so mild as, perhaps, to merit
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from the skin of other parts of the body. About Jijteen ^
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patient is improved by appropriate adjustment of the diet. In
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tration of its value in this direction was its efficacy in arresting
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case of work and alcohol. 3. Rheumatism appears to be the acute
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method, it seems to me, it would also be much simpler
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and the large vessels connected with it, aneurismal dilatation. Situated in
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disease than good breeders who bear large families. At the
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guest faculty. The fee for the course is $110. For information contact: Austin R.
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School at Canterbuxy. Within the pale of the Church, particularly
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situation there is cleared up beyond any possible doubt,
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Perhaps when the vein is not injured as well as the artery, it
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•Transverso section of the left thigh at the level of the condyles.