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Symptoms. The existence of this disease can only be abso-

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The other public department in which the Veterinary

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this essay may be found good arguments in favour of the more efficient ventila-

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Dr. Stilwell adopted Prof. Dickson's plan, and at onoe

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Keen and described in The American Journal of the medical

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to do it if we value our children, our country, the purity of

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The increased vascularity of the pregnant uterus generally

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— the first removed — was a male. After an interval

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was less severe and passed through its stages in a shorter time, and

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Hospital. B.S. 1979, Sophie Davis School of Biomedical

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merits of this little book, because it appears to be a just estimate

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E. N. Smart, a student in the Iowa Medical College, writes

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Earlier inquiries into the subject of disease prevalence bear in some

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cereals as desired, will materially promote the restoration

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cold countries than elsewhere. There can be no doubt that it is

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and pulse were rising. A few hours later he had an intense sharp pain

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are well developed for their age, in fact occasionally the short bones

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brain, and in the ventricles, was more considerable than is natural.

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Constitution and paying five ($5. 00) dollars to the Treasurer, which sum shall

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Committee on Publications — Drs. G. C. Shattnck, R. M. Hodges,

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The typhoid bacillus may pass from the mother to the child in utero,

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diagnostic sign. Of the operative procedures he con-

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to fold over, as with other bandages, as it follows itself with equal uniformity

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but little danger appears pointed out by the aggregate of

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