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generosity, and, above all, his loyalty, rendered him dear
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sensation of a warm flush or glow over the entire body. The pulse
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lation, so that he was compelled to jjoint to the objects he required. At one
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* Read at the meeting of the Medical Section of the New York Academy of
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eliminated and the development of toxin poisoning."
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After the disease had prevailed for some time, a cordon
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officer, who was: a constant smoker, and might be referred to as the type of
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Hospital on April 2, 1S94, with the history that four
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of abdomen. The mucous lining of the nose and mouth is
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Df the Postgraduate Hospital in New York was 4.40 per cent. The
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Miss May Darrach, and the membership already reaches 50.
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During the apoplectic period, or after the unconsciousness, convulsions
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upon the mere names of diseases, mingled with a large collection
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patients made a good recovery, and their convalescence was not
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and the powder in suspension is a carbonate or sub-
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cases by necrosis or softening. It is highly characteristic of the syphilitic
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he renounced every other occupation to devote himself exclu-
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zone. The fibres take a more or less direct course to the follicles but
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the bladder by way of the hypogastric plexus of the sympa-
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the nucleated red corpuscles were numerous, and one or more
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on matters of interest to the profession. If you have a case
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of alcoholic habits, aged forty-seven years, had an attack of pneumonia
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eases occasioned by syphilis. "Bad arteries" run in
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In the treatment of it there was no traction excited upon its edges
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The annual report of the Librarian of the Medical and
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safely estimated at r)0,000, and the impetus which has been
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sion, and about two tablespoonfuls of pus welled out
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justify the contention that increased irritability of the vagus with
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laminated clot ; but generally the tumour continues to enlarge, and after
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