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of anasarca ; a supposition somewhat strengthened by finding, on
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crobe, it pullulates ^in the organism, and gives rise to a general
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of sodium, formiate of soda, and bichlorallylene being produced.
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peel should have been boiled in it. It thickens very much.
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This disease, like many others which have decimated the
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The Wassermann reaction in the blood serum was negative. The spinal fluid
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ately after puncture, the incidence of post-puncture headache is much
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la troisi^me, qui ne se bat point, mais qui s'emploie
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eral quarts of licpiid from a fountain syringe, not more
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exposed to the action of cold, or quickly passes through various
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traumatic aneurisms are simply circumscribed, diffuse
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I have good reason for believing from practical experience that, even in
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The following medicines should be kept in every farm-
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present usually slight ; atrophic pallor of the discs, on the other hand, is
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tioner, the obstetrician will need no other book, as instnictor, gmde. or
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scraping and afterwards treating the cornea as if it had been injured.
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turbed with frightful dreams or imaginar}' evils. So passed
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Shake the jar containing the mixture occasionally and allow it
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ment in 1912, to consider and report upon the problem
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Some form bones, others shape into a heart, lungs, kidneys,
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his method consists in the simple return of the spermatic cord in
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cians thereupon signed a declaration placing the respon-
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reagents they have been able to satisfactorily demonstrate not
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and have gone far to establish his announcement, by
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which a learned physiologist has spoken of as our highest
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pulmonary distress and other symptoms, and none better than
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sadors resident in London. With the Duke of Palmella
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brain must have rest. During the attack bromides, if the stomach
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as well as anj' other form to illustrate that intimate and subtle
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whien attempt the medloal profession has ever been eminently consplcu-
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deflection. Except when this occurs the Q-R-S-T complex is the normal
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(b) The Headquarters, District Offices, Marine Hos-
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express an opinion as to which is preferable. The statement that
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Noise, hiccough, brawls and quarrels follow after."
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mal, medicinal or operative. — Br ooJdyn Medical Journal.
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4. That the muscular fibres contract when the state of rest changes for that
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secondly, from the fact that they are hereditary. Insanity is
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and the New Haven Dispensary. The latter charity is
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history. When your thoughts wander to undesirable subjects, and