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this country or not, has certainly been responsible for a great deal

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cerning himself the patient states that in his early child-

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cord, at the level of the first cervical vertebra, are divided

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treat pulmonary diseases exclusively with remedies to be inhaled.

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always infected. I only put catgut in the abdomen, carefully

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it out to air it and axamine to see if it is scalded enough.

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competent surgeons. (3) Operative interference should be

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Haemorrhage into the brain or cranial cavity must of necessity be accom-

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ter. When this exists to a great extent, inclosing the miliar}-, it gives

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operative interference is contemplated, to carefully separate

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termittent disease. The numerous remedies of this class, and

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It is imperative that this process should be applied

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strands of conducting tissue of the plants shows that this excitatory

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encountered after dealing with the abdominal incision and pro-

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•5819 White, F. B. W. Flora of Perthshire. Edin. 1898.

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arteries, and compared their wounds with the wounds of veins

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Now it becomes a question, — is the disease in Canada so

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it will be fit to dry ; wipe it well after draining. Hang it either

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external coat may then be closed with strong silk or waxed twine

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hoped to be able to demonstrate the application of the theory* so

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finding it beneficial in a case of tabes complicated with disease

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section on diseases of the pancreas. The paper, type, and illustrations

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a paper was presented by Dr. W. H. Lyttle, of Pendleton, Ore.,

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never arrived at thus discovering it ; in fact, our endeavor to

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togaoeaia of the America^ orayflah. (Tambarua virilia,

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the organism employed will then become evident, since by the protec-

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tends to produce most serious, acute, diffuse processes, for example, phleg-

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(4) . Sanatorium facilities for all suitable cases of Tuberculosis.

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tion of the system of the particular animal inoculated, against

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duced. Many, very many, have failed, altogether failed, in their at-

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patient was able to leave the hospital in a satisfactory condition.

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Dear Sir : In compliance with your request, I take pleasure in fur-

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of feet ; tumefaction of jialmar surface of hands and

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certain times, constituting an organic, not functional,

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