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round ; in short, impelled with great force in all directions. They
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cases might be, and sometimes have been, carried to
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female body the kidney was found to be developed on one side
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paralysis, rickets, or as a sequel to Potts' fracture. The appearances in
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intestine, and colon. Parasympathetic nerves stimulate
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"My case so far is considered almost a miracle by those who knew my condition. I
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of jaundice, which is occafioned by an infardlion of
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the nature of disease, and how to remove it, and never
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A cysto-carcinoma of the left ovary, the size of the two fists, was removed
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Member of the Medical Society of Rensselaer county and of the New
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the picture that accompanied it, showing a six-in-hand dog team
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anxieties. I was asked to arrange for a nursing home here, and to
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the death of his first wife, and then married the widow
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By T. D. Crothers, M. D., of Hartford, Connecticut.
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ing nature; and when an opportunity is afforded of making a post
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perhaps longer. Once only during this long period had it
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in the joint, from the external wound being large, these
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the rest are innocuous. The number of bacteria in the
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The same observer has likewise pointed out a fact whicli demon-
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bitions. At any rate, his brother had no intention that
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Illustrations should be professional quality, black-and-white
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write to presidents of other women’s organizations in
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companied by involvement of multiple organ systems, has
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person] for that drug if we had it. A simple program focused on
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ming, its effect upon soil and crops, and it reports some
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vincing. It will be the cause of many sui'prises being sprung upon
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(Fig. 4). In intertubular tissue several empty oocyst shells were found.