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and surround her frequently with congenial, welcome friends. Cheer-

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looked upon by some writers as a dermatological curiosity.

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for such, is composed of Venice turpentine wax, and suet

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conclusion which is mostly confirmed by the color of

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Metschnikoff is the apostle of the doctrine of phagocj-tosis, which

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specific gravity, is of dark amber color, is passed frequently

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certain persons, such as food handlers. This committee, composed oi

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fined at first to the nasal canals, but lately the irritation

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appeared in twenty-four hours; swelling and tenderness of the kidneys

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they said all right, try it ; he cannot get well with our treat-

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2500 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, California 90057

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action, we see this tissue transformed into a soft reddish mass rich

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niters have arranged therapeutical agents according to the

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important fact, that in our patient, the contractions of the heart had

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influence of numbers of bacilli in the initial infecting dose on the severity

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I a, sycosis vulgaris, paronychia) • secondarily infected dermatoses (eczema, herpes,

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a large proportion of cases of eclampsia no lesions of the kid-

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Pulse rate 84 per minute, wave small and weak, tension low. The

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Mr. Runnels was heard again ; and the debate became earnest and

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times 8, equals 14,571 plus 64,410 equals 78,981. For 1904, the

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diagnostic methods of Kiimmel (Berliner Minisclie Wochenscrift, July,

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Towards the end of the i8th century, as regular medicine became more easily

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injected into a pad of the left foot. There was an immediate rise of blood

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