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direct irritation of its substance, or through the influence of some
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tive that is comi^etent of the recognition of the presence of these
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own personal observations upon fourteen ships at the quarantine
cataflam pediatrico para bajar la fiebre
to the degeneration of the muscle fibers. It is probable that this lesion may
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These cultures were also made by Dr. Elworthy. They were pale
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After five or six days he removes the internal tube,
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Payne, Jr., S. L. Montgomery, C. M. Poole, D. A. Roberson, C. A. Julian,
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No less remarkable is the ever-recurring mention of yellow fever
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The veins along the belly leave the front of the udder
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The condition is somewhat different from what is ordinarily
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"In making the fluid extracts, there is some risk of getting a remedy less
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In the above experiment, the correction for the barometer is 2.41 mm.
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At the risk of appearing presumptuous, I have thus presented
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the fifth or six month. He should be watched, as in
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" Dr. Gunn, the University Reader in Pharmacology, who kindly
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demands a different hypothesis for its explanation :
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a vein is more likely to be stopped by the resistance offered by the ad-
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This period varies from twelve to forty days, but its usual duration is from
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in the apartments, she could hear the Class of 1963 saying, "Well,
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Jennifer, Brett, Karen and a goniometer "measure up" the
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and Tyroglyphidae, being somewhat intermediate between these
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