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applicable to very young subjects ; 2. It is objectionable in all cases in which

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mouth and throats of scarlet-fever patients, to swal-

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taneously with a piece of the hepatized lung. The cultures that were made from

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be, there is no doubt that an almost extreme limit has been reached, and

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portions of bone had been broken off, that they might

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developed grave symptoms similar to the first case. No leucin or

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The risk of vaccination, if any, must be very small, for the following

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which time a third piece of liver is removed. Glycogen estimations

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clearly. Something of grouping is seen, but not so much as I would

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occur and sometimes result fatally. Dr. J. M. Ball (New York

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the neighborhood of the point of inoculation, may be

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a cure which these humbugs claim as due to their efforts.

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the larynx and middle ear, were more frequent in children and

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side of the chest: — -and it is in this position that the resonance is dull

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ber of years and has some fruit trees planted. Mr. J. 8.

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Dr. Roberts cut down on the spinal accessory nerve of

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Presently, surgeons are left with a number of mod- '

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have been so long accustomed to excessive potations, as to have in-

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'* 13. The best result of inflammation is that it sometimes produces a new organ

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1. Direct Infection. This is probably much more frequent than has

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sional drive to Middletown. The general court established

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increased in numbers. When we have such an increase in blood

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the blood is flowing. This completes the apparatus ; and, being

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parently organisms of this type are able to utilize carbohydrate to

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that it is not the attack of any catheter fever, but the want of