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Dr. Russell Since my paper was written a considerable

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insufflation of boracic acid and iodoform was recommended.

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which it gives and enforces at once places all practitioners upon

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to an absorption of water in consequence of an increased

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unconscious. From his laborious investigations on individual

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over the chest covered perhaps with a profuse rash from some

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beef. In cases where the animal will not eat it should bo

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parts with strong turpentine liniment clothe warmly and keep in

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the sputum even after repeated examinations and yet

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me to be present to discuss it I am sorry that an important

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the Council. Now the next question which is in Mr. Simon s letter

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plete without the other. Each has a definite constitution

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have a directly curative eifect on tuberculous lesions

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admirable manner in which they set about to supply it.

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value of which consists not only in the indefinite preservation

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Should the Anginose variety present itself which is charac

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the personal equation in regard to cleanliness of the man who is to

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quantity consumed with impunity by one man is poisonous to another

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confounded with the disease I am describing. They are hypertro

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attending to them if he becomes varyingly absent minded heedless indif

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The latter can be readily improvised by fastening a shawl or

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diac diseases. Out of the twenty one cases seventeen

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Regulation can only be enforced so long as there remains an

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first and most radical method meets with strenuous opposition owing to

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and the presence of a gall bladder. Such anatomical dif

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