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various divisions of the nervous system are described as to their gross

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Some classes, which are particularly exposed to the inclemen-

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turia with subsequent secretion of fibrin. They may in part be

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exceedingly palatable and highly nutritious and aid us very

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the age and condition of the chiUl, the .imount of lung involved, and

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combination, if prescribed in cases where it is indicated.

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mation. The breathing is, therefore, weaker or stronger, according as one or the

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I conceive that I am to a great extent justified in the above

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that not only the patient sulTcrs more from the attempts at extraction, but that

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Bastiu, E. S., elements of botany, 63; Battershall, J. P., food

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parturition, and after parturition the posterior vaginal

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a culture founded on travel and observation in many

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The Wyvern Club Scholarship yields tuition fees for one quarter of each year

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The strokes should be at first soft, then gradually

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family have gone away,.! do not know. It is very prob-

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amount of seed which produced hills eight inches apart in

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understanding that they meet here at half after seven this

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,iTi • c 1-1 ^• • -L. £ ( Fro;/i Bodleian MS., " Dc F/ivsionoin'up' )

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a variety of ways. In Fig. 4 is shown a tube covered by a rubber

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with water are permitted; of the heavier wines, dry sherry. Beers

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lessness, excessive blushing, anthrophobia, fibrillary muscular twitchings,

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Table Mountain, June 2, 1894 (No. 116); Platte River, July 14,

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practice seeks Family Practitioners and Internists.

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infants. Professor Kocher reviewed the subject of primary tuber-

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heart, which may be fatty, is so much embarrassed and weakened,

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may undergo a kind of imperfect healing process, in which case

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normal forms and intellectual heads. It is true that intellect

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condition of the animal ; and when dry, the animal is more

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paroxysm. The spleen may enlarge, and a soft bruit may be heard

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topical glucocorticoid ointment or cream. Any transient

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most wholesome and nutritious of all the vegetable products, besides their imme-

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Dr. Rutherford thought that an examination of the microscopic specimens

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