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intimate relations with one known to have had the disease.
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observer facing them but carry out the test perfectly without hesitation
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attached to it. The tumor was moderately firm and elastic, and
zofran 8 mg every 8 hours
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unconscious at the time of the accident, 1 was in a
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unsparing of others as of himself; the body exhausted
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the variation in .individuals. is considerable. The changes which occur
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ough. The disposal of garbage has already been described, page 312;
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will be yet induced to renew their efforts in the editorial
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tents in suitable weather, and next to them temporary huts, have
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M. Safford, and we have accordingly presented a copy to each of
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so-called epithelioid cells. In the lung, for example, it is the cells of
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ingly was done by him ; of whom but thirty appeared to
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MUTTER, M. U. In one large and handsome octavo volume, of 566 pages, with 216 wood-cuts.
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itself from human vision, was to be branded and ex-
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State and country as it is to-day in Scotland and Bel-
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pruritus ani, or marginal eczema, for 25 years, and had tried many
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No matter from what walk of life your patients come, and
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allowed. Stimulants as a rule are contra-indicated, but may be called
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had great difficulty to be inserted. After a few days the abscess
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tions. Among the numerous subjects considered in this section is the
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mallow ; also frequent injections of warm water, and warm
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" beloved physician." He was, however, little in the habit of enter-
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under very disagreeable circumstances, he found that a hand-
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Woodworth, Philip Rollin, a, w, sp, Custer, S.D. A.B. (U. of South Dakota) '21.
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and remoye, as far as possible, all the spores of the fongus.
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ments; the OS sliding downward and forward on the posterior wall of
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recovery. The fourth was ver)' severe in its manifesta-
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stimulating diet. In case the patient is nervous and there is
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adductor pollicis on the other side. The phalangeal
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ever may be the extent of the specific lesions found on
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army it is 16 days; and in the Austrian army it is 17 days. *
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that, as with other cases of postsurgical toxic shock syn-
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ptoms occurred on the Thursday afternoon ; the operation
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ounces at the time of the paracentesis (llth May), rose gradu-