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vated, claw-like processes, of from half an inch to two inches in

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such as occurs commonly in the arytenoid region ; for this reason,

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Certain conditions must be present before this method of

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fruits of our accomplishments. We trust that their influence will increase the

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more or less is recovered, the maneuvre is repeated.

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lesion at an isolated spot ; such as a crush, transverse division by a wound,

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late lamented J. Soelberg Wells, has for so many years held the

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coffee or the vegetable astringents, with cold affusion, are

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abdominal aorta from this hydrostatic pressure, that keeps it

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the symptoms terminate in recovery. This is a general rule, but

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this vivifying life-current pervades the blood it is taken up by the

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balance between the arterial and venous systems has been destroyed?

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Last winter a young woman applied at the Harlem hospital to be

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ness of the right ovary passing away ; the points of suture were

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was presented to him by an old patient whose grandfather was Jenner's

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The cases may be arranged in two main classes — (A) the posterior-basic,

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the person will perish from peritoneal inflammation with as

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Excision of the knee. Packard. Philadelphia Medical News,

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insight would never have enabled me to attain. May I suggest this

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(a.) On presentation of certificate signed by G. H. Webster, Secretary

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3d. Probable additional vital effects of the above-mentioned velocity and