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As soon as the food is swallowed, it begins to go round and round the stomach so

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Scirrhus cord is a disease of the cord (spermatic), the

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of patients with frequent or recurrent anginal pain and reduced exercise toierance associated with

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soak for 7 days, and take about 2 tablespoonsf ul evening

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days ; afterwards, the dressing should be renewed as

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in Sir Morell Mackenzie's work on the Diseases of the Throat and

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medicines added. The Chinese materia medica embraces, in some way or

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1881 b. — Perforation of the intestine by a Lumbricus. [Transl. of 1881 a, by

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Member of the Medical Society of Rensselaer county and of the New

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les modifications des phenomenes embryogeniques; son role dans la trans-

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the swelling of the renal parenchyma, or in the tumors of the

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obtained by experimental physiologists (Ferrier, Semon, Horsley, and

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interest in that vital sub>ct of medical missions.